Consumers Want Tablets; And Maybe Not Just the iPad

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A lot of online Americans, about 27 million, are planning to buy a tablet PC in the next 12 months, now that the iPad has made the tablet sexy.

And Forrester Research says consumer interest will extend beyond the iPad. Its survey of almost 4,000 consumers online found that plenty of owners of HP, Dell and other brands of PCs and notebooks are planning to buy tablets and they are aware of the new batch of tablets to be offered by Google, HP, and even lesser known brands such as Archos and JooJoo. This high awareness of other tablets indicates there’s a chance of success for brands other than Apple in the tablet market, concludes Forrester.

Digitimes, a Taiwan newspaper, said in July its research found that the iPad’s market share this year will be 93 percent of global shipments followed by 75 percent next year.

Also today, the chairman of Acer, JT Wang, said that Apple’s share of the tablet market will drop to only 20 to 30 percent (from about 100 percent today) as Android and other platforms take hold. He pointed to Android’s share surpassing Apple’s iOS in smartphones, said Digitimes. Of course, his statement may be taken as Acer chest-pounding.

Other findings by Forrester regarding future tablet purchases:
14 percent of online consumers want to buy a tablet in the next year
11 percent plan to buy an eReader
8 percent plan to buy a netbook
13 percent a laptop
4 percent expect to buy a desktop

Source: Forrester Research via Wired
Photo: iPad

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