Froyo iPad Rival Due from Stream TV

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New consumer electronics supplier Stream TV Networks will launch a 7-inch tablet, which it calls an iPad rival, that will be available for pre-order on August 24 through online retailers.

Called eLocity A7, the tablet will run on Android 2.2 (Froyo), and it will be capable of 1080p resolution and 3D gaming (2 features which the iPad lacks). It measures 8.2 inches by 4.8 inches and will be offered in several wireless configurations.

The company is also aiming for distribution through brick and mortar consumer electronics retailers and expects to announce a national distributor shortly.

Stream TV Networks says its aim is to bring ‘innovative, state of the art consumer technology’ to market. CEO Mathu Rajan says the company has been in R&D mode for many years and then secured financing from “some high profile investors a few years ago.” It currently supplies products such as digital signs but the eLocity tablet will be its first consumer product, and will be followed by other high-styled, high end consumer devices, he said.

Rajan called the new tablet, “A worthy competitor to the iPad.”

Source: Stream TV Networks

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