Windows Phone 7 Gets Games

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Microsoft announced a full slate of gaming titles for Windows Phone 7 (due in phones by Christmas). Guitar Hero, Halo:Waypoint, Star Wars and other well-known titles are on the list of 60 games to be offered at launch via Xbox LIVE.

The software giant considers its new phone OS a new gaming platform, like the Xbox. “Windows Phone 7 is the launch of a major gaming platform for Microsoft. Just like we’ve done with Xbox 360, our charter is to push the envelope and deliver definitive games that maximize the platform,” said Matt Booty, general manager of mobile gaming for Microsoft Game Studios (MGS). The aim is to put Xbox LIVE “in the palm of your hand,” said Microsoft.

Engadget gives the gaming capability of WP7 a thumbs up. Some pluses are:
LIVE on WP7 allows for full avatar integration with fully interactive, fully rendered avatars
Most of the Xbox LIVE experience is transferred to the phone including messaging, friend lists with status updates, and achievements
LIVE offers a try-before-you-buy preview

One detractor is that full multi-player gaming won’t be offered at launch although Microsoft is hinting it will be added down the road.

Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky said, “the gameplay for the arcade titles seemed excellent, with frame rates holding fast even during graphically intensive 3D sequences…”

Microsoft may get some company in mobile gaming soon as Sony is expected to offer an Android “PSP phone” in October running on Android, if rumors prove true.

Apple has proven the category viable as 9 out of the 10 most popular paid apps in Apple’s App Store are games, says CNET.

iSuppli expects shipments of game-ready phones to grow by 11 percent this year to 1.27 billion units compared to 1.14 billion units in 2009.

Source: Microsoft , Engadget

Photo via Engadget

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