Apple To Discuss iPhone Problems/Senator Calls for Redress/Fix Identified

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Apple has heard the din of the of the blogosphere calling for a fix to the iPhone 4. The technology leader said it will hold a press conference Friday at 10 am Pacific time regarding the iPhone, said Reuters.

And not only bloggers but Capitol Hill is calling for some redress for the iPhone’s reception issues. Senator Charles Schumer (Dem., NY) wants Apple to fully explain the iPhone’s problems to consumers in a “clear written explanation” and to “make a public commitment to remedy it free-of-charge,” reports AppleInsider.

By mid afternoon Thursday, TheStreet was reporting that Apple will begin manufacturing the iPhone 4 with an added part to insulate the transceiver and therefore shield the antenna. The fix will reportedly repair the antenna flaw that caused the phone to drop calls when it was gripped in a certain way. There’s still no word on how Apple will address the more than 3 million iPhone 4 models already sold.

Apple is not stating whether it will directly address on Friday the infamous antenna issue on the iPhone 4 that has become a significant problem for the company.

Bloggers Wednesday called for an iPhone 4 recall over a faulty antenna that leads to dropped calls when the phone is gripped in a certain way as asserted by Consumer Reports and hundreds of iPhone users. Consumer Reports Monday said it could no longer recommend the phone due to the antenna quirk.

Some blogs (including our own) say Apple should offer free cases, which solves the problem. Analysts say a recall, which could cost Apple about $1.5 billion, is unlikely.

Source: Reuters and AppleInsider and TheStreet

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