Scosche Fine Tunes iPad Kit

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The unique iPad kit Scosche showed retailers in April has been fine-tuned and will be unveiled in January at the Consumer Electronics Show at a target price of $200.
It will now come in two versions: one, that replaces your radio with an iPad and one that lets you keep your radio. The replacement kit includes a double DIN blank face bearing just a USB and aux in jack plus a cradle for the iPad. It will have a low-power amp (around 50 watts) and come with a cable.

The kit will also address safety issues by working with an app that taps into the car’s accelerometer. When the car is moving it will disallow texting, email, and movies, but will permit any radio app including Pandora, Slacker, and Sirius and also allow navigation. Future apps may also tie into an OBD II for car diagnostics.

The Scosche kit was originally expected this summer but delayed to address safety concerns, said Scosche’s Kas Alves.

Also new is the first Bluetooth device that plugs directly into the aux in jack on the face of the radio, said Scosche. The motorMouth II gives you several hours of hands free calling or music streaming (as long as you are in aux mode) before it needs a recharge via the cigarette lighter. It ships in July/August at $70.

Source: Scosche

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  1. I think the Scosche is a good solution if you don’t mind loosing your radio. I know that most newer cars still need the radio for other controls of the vehicle though. I think my padholdr is still a better avenue to go with.

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