Long Lines for iPhone 4

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The lines are already outrageous for the iPhone 4, despite the limited number of phones available at some locations. Ques of 100, or 150 were reported at several Apple stores early this morning. Descriptions of lines twisting around malls and 6 to 8-hour wait times are on a twitter feed for ifoAppleStore.com. A die-hard has been living in a pitched tent outside an Apple store in Dallas since last week and one person was trying to sell a number 8 position on line at a San Francisco Apple store for $900.

RadioShack warned consumers its iPhone 4 supplies will be limited today, the first day the iPhone 4 becomes available. Also, pre-order demand for the phone mid-month was so high it overloaded AT&T’s ordering system. Apple reported more than 600,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4, one day after pre-orders began June 15.

The iPhone 4 may be the slimmest smartphone to date. It offers a “FaceTime” video chat feature, 4X brighter screen, multi-tasking, HD video with a longer, 6-7 hour battery life. It comes in black and white, at $199 (16GB) to $299 (32GB) although the white model won’t be available until the second half of July, Apple announced Wednesday, noting, “white models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have proven more challenging to manufacture than expected.”

Source: ifoAppleStore.com
Photo via @fonix

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