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By 2015, a new PC format could win consumer favor even before the tablet reaches its full ascent.
Yes, tablets will soon overpower netbooks, but in Forrester’s latest five year forecast the research firm can’t rule out the probability of a new format gaining steam. “We don’t know whether the next PC trend will be augmented-reality headsets, hologram-projecting watches, or devices embedded in furniture, but we see innovations coming from unexpected corners.”
As for now, 2012 is the year tablet sales will eclipse netbook sales in the U.S. They will start at 3.5 billion units in 2010, growing 42 percent in compound annual growth rate through 2015. By that year tablets will claim 23 percent of PC unit sales in the U.S. while netbooks will represent 17 percent.
There will be no “death of desktops” over the next five years although sales will slide from 32 percent of PC unit sales in 2010 to 18 percent in 2015.
In 2012, the PC split will look like this: 23 percent desktop sales, 43 percent laptops, 17 percent netbooks and mini PCs and 18 percent tablets.
3D should help the desktop, says Forrester. “…the home desktop will be accompanied by multiple massive screens, with the walls themselves acting as projected screens in some cases,” says the new Forrester report. Desktops will come bundled with dual screens so we “can keep one eye on email or TweetDeck on a separate screen.”
Source: Forrester
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