Sony’s Move Due in Sept.

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Sony showed off technology in both motion-gaming and 3D at E3, announcing its Move motion wand controller will go on sale September 15 in Europe and “days later” in the U.S., said Reuters.

Pricing starts at $50 for the wand-controller and $40 for a camera, in a system similar to the Wii (but slightly different than Microsoft’s Kinect, which uses three cameras and a microphone to offer full body control and voice control without a wand).

The hope is motion gaming will help bring new users into the market and 3D will dazzle hard core gamers (and in Sony’s case, help promote 3D in TVs as well).

Sony said the Move’s wand will appeal more to hard-core gamers. The system will launch with 15 to 20 compatible titles on the market, growing to more than 40 by Christmas.

In 3D gaming, Sony will have more than 20 compatible titles available for the PS3 by March. Sony believes 3D gaming will drive adoption of the technology in TVs.

Sony also said its PlayStation Network has surpassed 50 million users. The PSN delivers movies and other content to the PS3 as a digital living room-TV service. Sony announced it is launching a new PSN Plus subscription service at $50 per year that adds more content to the free service.

Source: Reuters
Photo of Sony Move wand and navigator via tech tilt

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