DroneMobile Remote Start App+

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After much hinting, CompuStar (by Firstech) announced full details on its DroneMobile iPhone app/module for remote starting a car plus GPS tracking and security.
DroneMobile is one of the only app systems to work with many brands of remote starters and security systems.
Available in July, the app + module lets users access many car features from an iPhone. Android and Blackberry apps will be added by the end of the year.
Users can lock and unlock the car, release the trunk, remote start the vehicle, control sliding doors and heated seats, track the car and control the security system from their phone.
Users can also view the car’s battery voltage, temperature and alarm status. They can set geo-fenced areas and get an alert when the car leaves that area and receive alerts when the car is towed or stolen or if it exceeds the speed limit (when a teen takes the car).
“You can hardwire the DroneMobile hardware as a stand-alone unit, or even install it with competitor’s remote start or security system,” said Nicholas Liller, Firstech project manager.
The DroneMobile DR-1000 will be available in two packages. If you don’t own a remote start system the DroneMobile DR-1000 system includes one at $549.99 suggested list including basic installation. A $349 package is available without the remote starter. Users get one year of basic service ($29.99 value). GPS tracking requires a premium service plan.
Source: Firstech

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