Ford, Others, Ready iPad USB Connect for Radios

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Looks like Ford Sync owners will be able to slap down an iPad on the seat next to them and get all the audio they want from the device via a USB connection to the radio at some point in the future. Sony, Audiovox and other aftermarket radio makers are also examining an iPad connection.

Ford is not giving a time frame, but a spokesman told us, “We’re working with Apple to ensure that iPad can be accessed through Sync just like the iPod or any other mobile device.” The company is also planning to allow the radio to charge the iPad via USB.

Aftermarket companies in general said iPad connections won’t be ready until 2011 or after. Audiovox is studying an iPad connection for both front and rear seat products for 2011, said Audiovox Electronics president Tom Malone.

Sony director of the mobile music business unit, Mike Kahn, said, “Sony is very aware of the popularity of the iPad. We are looking at use cases and will consider this option as Apple makes the license available to Sony for in car development.”

The iPad has different charging requirements than an iPod or iPhone. See story here in Macworld.

The Ford Sync already permits a Bluetooth connection from an iPad to Sync as we showed you in April.

How about an iPad holder to go with the Sync? No, it looks like the iPad will have to sit on the seat, console….lap. “We’re not working on an iPad holder, as the goal of Sync is to allow seamless access to all the content on your mobile device, so there is no need to manually control or view it while driving,” said Ford. Safety first…

–Amy Gilroy
Source: CEoutlook

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