Audi Gets WiFi on 2011 A8

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Audi is set to become the first car company to offer WiFi as a factory option, it claims, although a handful of other car makers offer WiFi as a dealer option.

The 2011 Audi 8 option will provide a UMTS connection that can light up as many as eight devices with an Internet connection, announced the company. Users just insert a SIM card into the car’s Bluetooth “radio” or they may use their own Bluetooth phone for the connection at speeds up to 7.2Mbit/second. It also provides encryption for security. Looks like the A8 will be a pretty souped up car as the user interface may allow handwriting recognition too, says ZDNet.

Chrysler started the OEM WiFi ball rolling when it launched a UConnect hotspot program in August, 2008. Since then General Motors’ Cadillac and Volkswagen also offer optional WiFi hotspots—all supplied by Autonet Mobile. Ford is also launching this summer, a WiFi Internet car connection to its Sync radios.

A third of Americans want to check email and access the web in their cars, said Ford citing a Consumer Electronics Association study.

Source: Audi, ZDNet
Photo via Audi of A8 interior

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  1. Giving people an easy way to surf the web while they are driving is the most insane idea yet for mobile electronics. Some one should come up with a fool proof way to keep the driver from being the one using the WiFi.

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