Wave of iPad Car Kits Coming

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New iPad kits are arriving from three suppliers, which leaves us wondering if an iPad-in-your-car rage is brewing.
Aamp of America is jumping in with three iSimple iPad car kits due in the next few months.
If you just want an iPad lock-in-place holder for your car (without the necessary cables) then you’re in luck as two companies have just begun shipping car-specific holders. Also Metra Electronics is examining the market. And we know Scosche is showing a full kit to its dealers (but has not declared it will ship the product).

Here’s the quick low down:
Aamp of America is updating the GateWay, TranzIt and WiFli iPod car kits for the iPad and these should be available in the next couple of months. It will also come out it with a slew of iPad accessories, including holders, cases, etc.

ProClip is selling a Swedish-manufactured iPad holder (without cables). It’s in two parts: the $49 holder and then the $29 vehicle specific swivel-mount. Do-it-yourselfers can install it because the mount slips into the dashboard seam. There’s also a one-piece $99 headrest mount that comes with a tilt-swivel, which fits most vehicles. Home wall mounts and desk stands are also available.

Panholder’s $99 kit is offered for almost any car. It’s another DIY kit that fits in the dash seam and it has a slot to plug in an iPad charger. “You will be able to remove our kit and not show any visible signs that there was ever a Padholdr in your car,” said the company.

Metra says it is looking into an iPad kit but is examining safety issues. An iPad is heavier than a smartphone and could become a projectile in the event of an accident. “We’re looking at alternative ways to use the iPad in the car, but not necessarily in the dash,” said Bill Lauer, VP new product development. He adds, “There’s no way to override things like checking email, sending text messages while you drive, reading a book…We realize the value and we’re looking at solutions.”

Apple sold a million iPads in its first 28 on the market after launching April 3 and is reportedly producing 1 to 1.5 million iPads a month—an amount which could double to more than 2.5 million units a month in global production in Q3, according to the AP quoting an analyst from Sterne, Agee & Leach.
–Amy Gilroy
Source: CEoutlook and the AP via CBS
Photo Panholder’s iPad car holder

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  1. I spoke with the PR folks at Scosche two days ago and they have no intention on releasing their iPad mount in the near future. when i asked about using it for SEMA i was told that it wouldn’t be ready by then.

  2. I just finished installing my Padholdr mount in my LS460 and I love it! The people at padholdr.com were really quick at questions before and after the purchase. I would highly reccomend the padholder to anyone looking for an ipad solution for their car

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