Sony Google TVs Due in Fall

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In the next bid to merge the Internet with TVs, Sony will deliver TVs this fall using Google TV—an open Android platform announced today–that basically adds new cloud content to TVs. Users will get streaming video from Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Video on Demand and they will be able to access Android apps. Google TV backed by Sony, Best Buy, Logitech, Dish Network and Intel is also Google’s attempt to broaden its ad-selling search engines beyond the PC to the TV.
Sony will sell the new “Sony Internet TV” through Best Buy initially. The TVs will include a standalone model and a set top box-type unit with a Blu-ray disc drive. Logitech will supply a Google TV box for any existing HDTV or set top box. The units will use a remote control that includes a keyboard. And Logitech also plans to introduce an HDTV camera and video chat for Google TV that might also let smartphones control the TV.
Although Google TV can be used by all TV networks, it is especially optimized for DISH Network. All the content on the device, which also includes pay-TV listings and DVR, will be organized on a home screen by Google that will have added features when using DISH Network.
Chairman, CEO and president of DISH Network, Charlie Ergen said, “Only DISH Network Google TV customers will be able to enjoy a unified search across TV, DVR and web; easily find related content; and manage their entire TV viewing experience.” The satellite TV provider has been conducting a trial along with Google for over a year with more than 400 beta users, it said.
Google TV uses an Intel Atom CE4100 processor and is based on the Android platform and Google’s Chrome web browser integrated with an Adobe Flash Player 10.1. Google also hopes to trigger a wave of apps for Google TV and said it will soon release a developer’s kit.

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