Kobo On Sale at Borders June 17

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Borders is making its eReader and eBookstore entry official. It began taking pre-orders for its Kobo eReader that will be available June 17. Borders will also launch its eBookstore in June in time for Father’s Day.
The bookseller will stock the $150 Kobo along with other eReaders in its book stores in special digital shops called Area-e, which launch in August. Its eBookstore will be powered by Kobo.
You can pre-order the Kobo at www.borders.com/koboereader. It offers Bluetooth or USB downloading (but not WiFi or 3G). It has a 6-inch screen and comes pre-loaded with 100 books.
Borders announced previously that the Kobo eReader would be available in Canada at Indigo Books & Music this May.
Kobo already offers eReading apps for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Android-based smartphones, desktops and it will support the iPad and other tablets. It’s eBookstore sells over two million books. It also offers an eReading platform that other brands may use to supply their own eReaders.
Source: Kobo

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