Intel Offers Atom Processor for Smartphones, Tablets

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Intel has begun producing a new Atom processor for smartphones and tablet PCs allowing faster web page loading than on current devices and much lower power consumption than in past Intel chips, by various claims.
With its new Z6 system-on-a-chip processor, Intel is aiming to win a sizeable share of the smartphone market—a goal which has eluded the electronics giant to date.
“Intel has delivered its first product that is opening the door for Intel Architecture in the smartphone market segment,” said Intel’s Anand Chandrasekher, senior VP and GM of the Ultra Mobility Group.
But it’s not the first time Intel has tried to enter the smartphone chip market. “Intel tried its hand in the phone chip business earlier, but in 2006, it sold its XScale ARM-based division to Marvell. More recently, Intel has also tried to pitch its current generation of Atom processors to smartphone makers, but the chips were never accepted because they consumed too much power for phone use,” said Wired.
The Z6 delivers fast web page loads—less than two seconds compared to nine or 10 seconds in the best phones, Intel told CNET. It has a standby time of 10 days in a “BlackBerry-style” phone. Web browsing or video watching gets about a 5 hour life, CNET said.
Sources: Intel, Wired, CNET

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