Scosche Shows First Protoype 12V iPad Kit

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Yikes! Is this the first iPad kit for the car? Scosche is showing its retailers an iPad kit prototype (see below) that may be ready for the market this summer. Do we need car radios after this? The iPad becomes your center for music (Pandora, satellite radio or your own iPod library) and then there’s GPS (delivered via cellular on the 3G version of the iPad). Kind of mind boggling.
The kit is a double DIN blank chassis that fits where the radio might go. The chassis has a USB slot and an audio in jack. The iPad plugs right in with a special cable from Scosche. Then a mounting plate snaps on the chassis to hold up the iPad. Looks simple.
This is just a prototype at the moment. The kit is not in production. Scosche is gauging dealer interest but could be ready to ship this summer. We guess SoundMan Car Audio would be interested.

Source: Scosche

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  1. Great kit, even better if it has an integrated small amp ! , Maybe 50 watts? All about plug & play.

  2. The iPad is just not made for the car. Someday maybe, but not yet.
    1. The high-gloss screen is useless in a vehicle. The reflections make it unviewable.
    2. The well-known heat issues are going to kill the unit in the car. We all know how hot a car gets sitting in the sun.
    3. Any install will be illegal unless there is a way to prohibit video playback while the car is in motion. As a previous poster mentioned, this is a highly visible ticket waiting to be written.

  3. By having the ipad so visible to the driver in this position, what will the police say about this? Is it a ticket waiting to happen?

  4. It’s so beutifull looks very futuristic Im thinking will be the door to open for the first total future car cos, I imaginig a big screen front of you asking you car where do you like to go ,take a nap and week up in from of wherever you go.

  5. Please let me know the MSRP price of iPad kit.
    And application list too.


  6. That kit looks so stupid. I bet the glare from the sun makes it fun to use. I have to say that is the worst looking kit I have ever seen. Good job Scosche keep up the good work.

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