Sirius XM on Android Phones

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Sirius XM is bringing its app to more smartphones with a new app for the Droid and Nexus One (Android phones) due in May. These join previous Sirius XM apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and BlackBerry.
The satellite radio app gives subscribers access to 120 streamed channels and lets you view the channel currently playing plus what’s on other channels.
The app is a free download although users pay Sirius XM service fees. A free seven day trial is also offered.
As with the other Sirius XM smartphone apps, Howard Stern and some MLB, NFL and NASCAR programming is not included. Users however get Martha Stewart and Opie & Anthony in the 120 channel lineup.

Source: Sirius XM

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  1. Amy – I kept looking for your Sirius articles on the other website and missed them so much. Glad I found you still writing on the web. Looks like Sirius is following your advice on cell phones.

    Wish they put Howard there already!

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