Best Buy Gets the Nook

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Best Buy made the rumors official and announced it will start carrying the Barnes & Noble nook eReader in stores by April 18, in time for Mother’s Day and the Dads & Grads selling season.
Best Buy will also carry nook accessories, and the nook will be featured in a special demo display at $259.99—a dollar more than it sells for on the Barnes and Noble website.
A win for Barnes & Noble here is that B&N gift cards will also be “prominently featured” in Best Buy’s 1,070 stores and online, said a Best Buy press release. Also Best Buy will include B&N eReader software on select PCs, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones that are sold at Best Buy. Prior to this, the nook was sold only through B&N stores and online.
The nook has dual screens– a 6-inch screen plus 3.5-inch color LCD. B&N claims it has become the best-selling product at Barnes & Noble since it launched last November, just as the Kindle is proclaimed as the best-selling product on Amazon.
In another sign that CE stores are getting more aggressive in eReaders, Amazon is expected to begin selling its Kindle through Target as of April 25, says Engadget. This is all according to a screen shot of an inventory device, showing the 6-inch Kindle at $259 as an active SKU under the digital books category at Target. Target’s response: “We don’t comment on speculation or rumors.”
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