iPhone OS 4 Adds Multitasking

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Apple sold 450,000 iPads in six days and saw 600,000 iBook downloads! And a total of 3.5 million iPad app downloads. In six days!
So said Apple CEO Steve Jobs today in introducing a new iPhone OS 4, due this summer for the iPhone and iPod touch, and this fall for the iPad.
At a live event, Apple showed off the new OS which offers multitasking, adds advertising to apps (the ads are like mini apps within the app), puts the iBook eReader on the iPhone and iPod touch, and adds folders, a unified inbox and enterprise features, according to Engadget’s live blog and the Apple press release.
Apple has sliced and diced a means of multitasking in a way that uses less battery power. Now Pandora can run in the background, as can Skype or turn-by-turn directions as you drive. Users double click on the home button and they see all their apps running.
Some of the other new OS 4 features include tap-to-focus video, spell check, 5X digital zoom and Bluetooth keyboards.
The new OS has a total of 100 features. The unified inbox lets you see messages from all your email accounts displayed together in a single inbox. Users can also thread their messages by conversation and they can now open email attachments with compatible apps from the App Store.
Apple apparently wants to keep these apps coming and is going to let those starving developers of free apps make some money. Apple’s new mobile ads program–iAd—gives developers 60 percent of the ad revenues while Apple sells and serves the ads. The big news here is that the user stays within the app when he clicks on the ad, which itself is a mini app. A Toy Story ad might show you a “video poster” you can download for use as wallpaper.
The iPhone OS 4 also will allow multiplayer gaming with a new social network that includes “matchmaking” that will be offered later this year.
For the enterprise, the new OS includes improved security. A new service lets third party servers wirelessly configure, query and wipe or lock managed phones.
Note: the multitasking feature requires an iPhone 3GS or third generation iPod touch (late 2009 models with 32GB or 64GB).
Also Jobs, in his presentation, indirectly confirmed reports that Best Buy is out of stock on the iPad.
Best Buy responded to a CEoutlook query stating the chain is replenishing inventories now and its April 11 circular will feature the iPad on the cover. A spokeswoman also noted that Best Buy’s initial inventories exceeded the rumored 15 tablets per store.
The launch of the WiFi iPad on April 3 included more than 650 Best Buy stores.

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