Nook is Best-Selling Product at B&N

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The Barnes & Noble nook eReader has become the best-selling product at Barnes & Noble since it launched last November, announced William Lynch, the new CEO of the bookseller.
Although specific numbers were not released, Lynch said we “have been thrilled by the response.” B&N also reported over a million downloads of its iPhone app.

On a conference call today, the bookseller said Lynch’s promotion to CEO today was an effort to speed up its build-out of e-commerce. But the company claims it eBooks, eReaders and e-commerce do not spell the end of brick and mortar stores. In an apparent dig at rival Amazon, the company noted that it has the advantage of being able to demonstrate its eReader in 1,400 stores with 40,000 employees.

B&N said it remains committed to brick and mortar retail and may open more stores. Chairman Leonard Riggio said, “Bookstores are the place where people can read and browse and make the decision whether they like the book. They are piazzas…the place where families can gather; tens of millions of children come into the stores….we’ve always been committed to retail, now we want to be equally committed to the other parts of our business.”

Barnes & Noble recently announced that it will provide an app for the upcoming Apple iPad and that it will be the eBookstore for the upcoming Samsung eReaders.

Separately, Amazon announced today the availability of it Kindle eReader software for the Mac. Amazon also claims that its Kindle eReader is its best-selling product.

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