iPhone Hug Inductive Charger Ships

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Case-Mate began shipping Monday, the first wireless inductive charging pad for the iPhone that follows the universal standard of the Wireless Power Consortium. The advantage here is that Consortium products work together, so if (if) Apple and Nissan were members, you could drop your iPhone in the cupholder of your new Nissan and it might charge automatically and wirelessly, in a purely hypothetical example.
If you are following me here—all members of the Wireless Power Consortium are making chargers that work with the products from other Consortium members. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts could offer tables with wireless charging pads so that you might plunk down your Nokia phone for charging as you sip a latte (another hypothetical example but Nokia is Consortium member as is RIM and others ).
Back to the present, the Case-Mate hug is a case for the iPhone plus an inductive charging pad so you can wirelessly charge the iPhone by simply placing it on the pad.
The case/pad work with the iPhone 3G and 3GS at $99.99. Future versions are planned for most BlackBerry models “in the coming months,” said Case-Mate.

Source: Case-mate

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