Car CD Fell 15% in 2009

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If you sell car audio, last year probably hurt… a lot.  Recession was one more cold blast in the perfect storm that has hurt the car audio market over the past decade and the latest numbers from the NPD Group bear that out.

Single CD player sales to consumers fell 17 percent in units and 15 percent in dollars for 2009 over 2008, said NPD.  Car amplifier sales were down 27 percent in units and 25 percent in dollars and speaker sales were down 19 percent in units and 20 percent in dollars.  Navigation (in-car and portable combined) grew by seven percent in units but declined 16 percent in dollars.  Let’s hope for better results this year.

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  1. In a tight economy, discretionary spending is limited, but not eliminated (witness; iPod 3G released in 2009). But I can predict with a fair amount of certainty that unless this industry gets its act together, and promotes our products and services, the decline will accelerate. Unless consumer awareness improves, HD TV, iPhone, and video games will trump car audio to the verge of converting us to a niche industry, and a tiny one at that. We have great products and services that many consumers STILL want… once they realize what we can do for them. More than 2/3 of consumers in our target demographic have no idea of what we can do for them. That is just sad.

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