PND Sales to Hit Wall at 48M by 2015

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Another research firm says portable GPS sales are going to flatten over the next five years. ABI Research is predicting shipments will level off at 48 million units worldwide by 2015.
Stifling the portable navigation device (PND) market is free navigation for smartphones offered by Google and Nokia, as well as new cheaper prices for in-dash navigation products. But PNDs will continue to be successful in two segments: older drivers who will want low end PNDs, and high use drivers who want PNDs with larger screens and a wireless connection, said ABI Research practice director Dominique Bonte.
This year, worldwide PND sales will hit about 41.2 million units says competing research firm iSuppli.
North American PND sales reached 18 million units in 2009, slightly up from 17.4 million in 2008, according to TomTom. Sales VP Tom Murray, speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, said PND penetration in North American cars is currently at 19 percent.

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