MyerEmco Exits Car Audio

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A MyerEmco storefront

It’s been a rough five years for sellers of car radios, speakers and subs and a tough 18 months for small retailers in general.  Put these two conditions together and you can see why 8-store retailer MyerEmco AudioVideo is making an exit from the car audio business.

The Washington-DC-area retailer is closing the car electronics departments in all stores possibly by the end of the month, and also shuttering one store in Gaithersburg, MD (bringing its total count to seven stores).  The news came from suppliers and industry members and was confirmed by a call to one of the store outlets.  A MyerEmco executive did not return our phone call.

Some say car electronics took a back seat at the retailer once former mobile electronics director and VP sales J.R. Stocks left the company over a year ago to become general manager at Freeman’s Stereo Video, Charlotte, N.C.  We contacted Stocks who said he was saddened by the news.  “I spent over six long hard years building the car department.  It had double digit growth for three consecutive years when no one else was growing at that rate.  It’s sad to put all that effort into something and look back and see it’s dissolved.”

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  1. It’s no surprise they are getting out of the mobile business. I have been in thier store on three seperate occasions, yet I have only been spoken to once. I wear t-shirts, jeans and sneakers when I’m not working so I wouldn’t say that I look like I have lots of money, but at that time I was making out pretty good at my job and had some extra cash to invest into my car. The first time I went there I was standing in front of the JL Audio subwoofer rack while three store employees chatted it up only 25 feet away. After 10-12 minutes of looking at the sales guys and looking back at the subs I left. This happened once more several months later.
    My girlfriend’s father who wears nicely tailored suits everyday has absolutely no problem getting any service there when he walks in. The thing I thought to be funny was that he could buy any and everything they had to offer in that store and yet they only recommended Sony ES products to him. Not that there is anything wrong with ES, but that there are multitudes of better product out there some of which I’m sure MyerEmco carried. Go figure.

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