Oracle Buys Lighting Sign Company

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Oracle Lighting Buys LumaMedia

Press Release: NEW ORLEANS-– ORACLE Lighting today announced it has completed an asset acquisition of LumaMedia International Inc. located in Las Vegas, NV. LumaMedia is the country’s leading innovator of Electroluminescent Signage, which is a thin, flexible glowing panel that can be used a variety of industries and applications. Assets in this acquisition include the LumaMedia International Trademarks, Logos, Websites, URLs, Digital Assets, and Social Media Networks.

“We plan to use this acquisition to further expand our offerings in the Electroluminescent manufacturing space,” says Justin Hartenstein, the Founder and Director of Product Development for ORACLE Lighting, “While we have offered these types of products to the Motorsport industry for years now, we plan to push into new markets such as illuminated vehicle wraps, commercial signage, marine applications, and illuminated trade show exhibit signage.” See more of ORACLE’s illuminated EL Panels and Signage at


LumaMedia is best known for developing impactful advertising signage.  LumaMedia first developed an innovative, multi-purpose product whose applications are as wide as your imagination. Users can use these custom-made signs to light up a variety of surface spaces with this exclusive electroluminescent illumination that these specialized panels provide. The LumaMedia products are easily powered and transform everything from product displays to vehicles into vividly eye-catching illuminated marketing materials. See more information at


The LumaMedia product is a form of inorganic electroluminescence which utilizes an extruded polyester substrate that vividly glows when a current is applied. In other words, it’s a thin, colorful graphic that can light up making it stand out. This technology has many practical automotive applications but can also be applied to everything from banners, to clothing, to walls and everything in-between. The LumaMedia concept takes standard graphics and evolves them into vivid, radiant images that are extremely eye catching.


Although it is not as widely recognized as LED, Electroluminescence (EL) is arguably the most efficient light source in the world. Thinner than a business card, these peel-and-stick panels use a UV ink-receptive polyester substrate to project eye-catching electroluminescence, making it a unique and head-turning solution for advertising and marketing displays.


Louisiana-based Oracle Lighting has been designing innovative lighting products and technologies for the automotive aftermarket since 1999. Oracle’s philosophy is this: in today’s world of fly-by-night vendors, we think it is important to partner with businesses that you can trust to be there for you today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


For more information on Oracle Lighting and its full product line, please visit, call (800) 407-5776, or email [email protected].


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