Update on Orca’s 3D Printed Speaker Adapter Program for Retailers

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Orca 3D printing program

Orca Design & Manufacturing is launching a new stage in its new 3D printed speaker adapter program.

Under the program, first announced in February, Orca ships Gladen speakers without flanges, and car audio specialists 3D print the flanges to fit cars as needed. This helps the retailer cut down on inventory.  The program also includes accessories for existing Focal speakers.

Today marks Orca’s launch of a portal for the 3D printer program that offers printer files for 15 to 20 different vehicles.  This includes files for adapters, spacers, mounting brackets and other accessories.  Orca said it is committed to expanding this library, aiming to include up to 100 vehicle designs in the future. The portal can be accessed by dealers participating in the program.

Orca is also offering dealer participants a free Bambu P1S 3D printer.  So far, 50 have been shipped to dealers.

The 3D printer program ‘helps retailers reduce inventory costs, increase profitability, and offer more solutions to their customers,’ said Nalaka Adikari.

“We are creating a database of files so dealers can go to our library if they need [for example] a Ford F150 6.5-inch adapter, just like the factory adapter plates that now fit either Gladen or Focal drivers. Retailers now drop the file into the 3D printer and now print your files. This will be the first batch and then we work on another set of vehicles. The goal is to have as many vehicles as we can,” said Adikari.

A 6.5 inch speaker adapter plate takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to print, he said.

Photo: Door spacer for 6.5 inch G-FD F Series.

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