AutoMobility Partners With Uber for Local Deliveries

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Automobility partners with Uber

Press Release: Montreal, QC–  AutoMobility announced its new partnership with Uber, the global leader in ride-sharing, to bring unparalleled delivery services to our customers.

Starting November 1, select AutoMobility customers in the greater Toronto area (GTA) can enjoy the convenience and speed of getting their purchases delivered directly to their doorstep via Uber.

Key Features of the AutoMobility-Uber Delivery Partnership:
Weight Limit: Items weighing up to 30 lbs can be seamlessly delivered.
Value Limit: Orders with a total value of up to $1,500 are eligible. To find out more, talk to your
Automobility sales representatitve.
Pricing: Competitive and transparent pricing structure based on order value.

Why AutoMobility Chose Uber:
Uber’s extensive network and reliable service have made it the preferred choice for millions globally. By leveraging Uber’s vast fleet and efficient routing algorithms, AutoMobility is confident that our customers will receive their orders quickly and securely.

Benefits to Customers:
Speed: Faster delivery times compared to standard shipping methods.
Flexibility: Customers can choose a delivery window that suits their schedule.
Real-time Tracking: Monitor your order’s journey as it makes its way to your store.
Safety: All Uber drivers undergo rigorous background checks, ensuring a secure delivery process.

President & CEO of AutoMobility, Robert Nelson, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration signifies a new era in the way our customers experience shopping with AutoMobility. We are not just selling products; we are enhancing the entire buying experience, from purchase to delivery.”

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