New Cobra Radar Detector

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Cobra RAD 700i Radar Detector

Cobra Electronics announced the launch of the RAD 700i connected radar detector. Aimed at customers including younger drivers and every-day commuters,  it offers advanced features without breaking the bank..

According to a recent survey, Cobra found that nearly 1 of every 4 Gen Z drivers has received a speeding ticket within the last 5 years. In addition, 87% of younger generation drivers felt the need for some sort of third-party driving assistance tool in their car while on the road.

The RAD 700i detector features:

Premium Detection Range. The RAD 700i possesses premium detection range that provides ample time for drivers to react to potential hazards.  Through Cobra’s innovative antenna platform with Digital Signal Processing (DSP), drivers can navigate the roads with greater confidence, knowing they have the benefit of advanced warning.

Advanced Filtering and AutoLearn™ Intelligence for a Quieter Ride. To deliver a quieter and more enjoyable ride, the new RAD 700i comes equipped with advanced false alert filtering for accurate alerts as well as built-in Bluetooth® connectivity and GPS that power AutoLearn™ Intelligence so the detector can improve its performance over time. Plus, users gain access to Cobra’s Defender Database, a continuously updated nationwide database of red light and speed camera locations.

New and Improved Drive Smarter® Companion App. Unique to connected radar detectors from Cedar Electronics (parent company of Cobra) drivers can leverage the community of connected detectors and drivers through the Drive Smarter® app, allowing them to receive shared alerts and gain a broader area of road awareness on their drive.

A More Personalized Experience. The RAD 700i’s EZ Mag Mount windshield mounting system ensures easy installation and rock-solid stability on the road. The crystal-clear 5-color OLED display also enhances the dashboard aesthetics while providing relevant information at a glance. This feature is fully customizable, allowing users to match their vehicle’s interior lighting scheme.

The new Cobra RAD 700i detector is available for purchase now at, Best Buy (in store and online), and at a suggested retail price of $249.95.

Cobra Shares Updated Data on American Drivers
In addition to helping shape the development of new products like the RAD 700i, Cobra regularly surveys America’s drivers to learn more about their behaviors, attitudes and needs. In their most recent survey, Cobra discovered that slightly over half have increased the number of road trips they take, with the average trip lasting about five hours.

To learn more about Cobra’s most recent survey and additional driving data, download the full 2023 Driver Behavior Study here. For more information about the RAD 700i and other Cobra products, please visit


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