Precision Power Launches EV Line

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Precision Power car audio for EVs

Precision Power is working on a line of electric vehicle (EV) amplifiers and speakers scheduled for release around February next year.

The line will offer vehicle specific products for various EVs.

“You have to take into consideration the weight of the vehicles and the amount of battery…the computer knows that and that’s how it gets mileage [readings]…You start putting in heavy woofers and you start cutting down how far that battery can take you,” said VP Sales Ronnie Brashear.

The line will include “super efficient” amplifiers to work with an EV’s lithium battery, as well as weight-conscious speakers.

Brashear added, “Working with a Prius is going to be different than a full size Tesla weight-wise and in amplifier draw.”

Precision Power EV speakers will borrow technology from the company’s neodymium magnet structure used in its Harley 6 x 9 speakers.  These don’t have a traditional magnet off the back. Instead the magnet is built into the tweeter stalk and there’s a heat sink built around the tweeter that pulls the heat up.  The result is a lighter speaker.

The Precision Power EV series will include appropriate power inverters and other interfaces.

Brashear said parent company Epsilon has been working on the line for over a year.

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