High End Meridian Audio Pushes Into Automotive OEM

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Meridian Push OEM Automotive

Meridian Audio is a high end audio brand based in the UK known for its custom audio HiFi and surround sound. But it is making a concerted push into the automotive OEM market.

Meridian already supplies car audio systems for some Kia vehicles and all Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles.  Today, it announced a new consulting group that can help OEMs design and implement Meridian technology called Engineered by Meridian.

A reason for the push into vehicles is the company believes that audio will be a more important differentiator between cars as they enter the electric era and as they take on more autonomous features. It also wants to leverage its expertise in DSP and surround sound.

“As the move to EV makes cars more refined and driver assistance systems continue to reduce engagement, in-cabin experience will become a critical differentiator,” said Meridian Automotive Business Director Paul Andrews.

The new consulting arm of Meridian aims to help OEMs plan audio earlier in the production cycle. And it hopes to help OEMs implement over-the-air upgrades in audio.

Meridian began a program with Kia in 2021 on the K8 with a 14-speaker system.  Another 14-speaker system is also in production on the Kia EV6 and Meridian technology will be in the new Kia EV9.

The 45-year old company has no plans at this time to enter the car audio aftermarket, it said.

Photo: Meridian in Jaguar Land Rover vehicle

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