Update on Tury’s FAST Throttle Response Controller

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Tury FAST Throttle Response

Press Release (UNEDITED): With auto theft in the United States up 59% in the past 3 years, protecting one of your most valuable investments becomes almost a necessity.  This is one reason why Tury’s FAST Throttle Response Controller has been getting so much attention.  The FAST units are available for almost all vehicles sold in the US, including the RAM trucks which have found themselves on the top of the most stolen list in several cities.


FAST’s main function is acceleration response gain, reducing the original response delay by up to 80% and giving the driver much more control over their vehicle. 4 Acceleration Maps (City, Tour, Sport, and Fast) are available to the driver, each map offers 9 levels, operated by the Tury App, available for both Apple and Android based phones.


In addition to acceleration maps, the FAST product features two safety functions:


1) Parking Function: When activated by the user (by password) the Park Function limits the acceleration of the vehicle. Indicated for parking and other situations.  This function allows the driver to use between 50-15% of the pedals output.


2) Lock Function: When activated by the user (by password) the Lock Function inhibits the throttle operation, making driving the vehicle impossible.


Either function can be easily deactivated via the Tury App on any paired phone or by entering a code on the optional control panel, allowing the owner to regain normal operation of their vehicle. The Tury FAST module is installed using the original accelerator pedal connection, keeping all original wiring intact and  maintaining vehicle warranty.


To learn more about the other features and functions of the Tury FAST,  and to see the available applications go to https://hki-usa.com/tury/  or  https://www.tury.com.br/international/

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