KENWOOD Expands Excelon Line

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KENWOOD revealed new details on its eXcelon brand’s first motorcycle audio line and announced the first eXcelon marine/motorsports speakers (apart from subwoofers).

The eXcelon marine speakers will include 7.7- and 6.5 inch coaxial and tower models. They both will be available in black and white and are expected to ship this summer.

The brand’s first motorcycle audio line ships in May.  It comes in four packages that give a choice of two front audio systems and the ability to build up to full front and rear systems.

All packages are for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, model years 2014 and higher.

Package 1 is the P-HD1F with an amplifier and drop-in 6.5-inch front speakers that deliver 80 watts by 2.

Package 2 is the P-HD2R, which includes an amplifier and 6 x 9 rear speakers plus a cut-in lid kit.

Package 3 is the P-HD3FR, which is basically a combination of the first two packages.  (The two amplifiers can mount on a single plate).

Package 4 is the P-HD4UT for Harley “Ultra” motorcycles. It includes the two amplifiers of the previous packages and the same front speakers.  But instead of 6 x 9s, it comes with 6.5 inch rear or pod speakers, depending on the user’s motorcycle model.

A third amplifier can be purchased separately that can power two more speakers for a full 6-speaker system.

For Harleys 1998 to 2013, eXcelon is offering a full replacement saddle bag lid that must be painted. For 2014 and up, there is a cutout saddlebag kit.  The latter kit creates a fully sealed install and the cut out angles the speaker toward the rider for improved sound.

The systems are all 2 ohm with plug and play installation. Components may be sold separately including grilles.  Each amplifier pulls ~18 amps of current, which is much less than most aftermarket systems for bikes, said KENWOOD.

KENWOOD also announced new eXcelon retail displays built by 5 Axis. KENWOOD helps subsidize a portion of each of the displays, which ship directly from 5 Axis to the dealer, either loaded or unloaded.  Displays ship in April in four options:  Reference car audio, motorcycle, marine, and motorsports. They can be configured as individual displays or pairings of two.

In early May, KENWOOD is shipping a KCA-M100BT standalone Bluetooth adapter module/source controller.  Also, at that time it will ship an eXcelon KMR-XM500 gauge style receiver and a KENWOOD KMR-M300BT version.

Photo: Kenwood eXcelon display shown at MasterTech Expo.

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