ORCA Plug and Play Harnesses for Tesla

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SoundUp Orca Gladen Tesla

Press Release (UNEDITED): CAMARILLO, CA – Orca Design and Manufacturing announced it is offering a new series of harness packages from the Gladen SoundUp line. Known for its plug-and-play harnesses for Mercedes-Benz and BMW, the SoundUp series will now feature solutions for Tesla, including the newer vehicle models equipped with 18-volt power systems. The harnesses are available through authorized Focal and Mosconi retailers as well as Gladen retailers and distributors.

The SoundUp harnesses for Tesla connect directly to Mosconi One Series and Pico series amplifiers, expanding and empowering the system with DSP and either Class D or Class AB power. The five kits cover all Tesla models, whether equipped with Base or Premium audio systems.

In addition, the line includes accessory harnesses that allow replacement of factory speakers while utilizing the existing factory connectors. For the newer Tesla models with 18-volt power systems, Orca has introduced a complete package that includes the harness, an 8-channel amplifier with built-in DSP, and a mono amplifier for the subwoofer.

“Tesla has created a division among installation professionals in the car audio industry,” said Nalaka Adikari, sales director for Orca. “They are either nervous about working on such a unique vehicle line or have become full Tesla integration and fabrication experts, with no one in between. The release of these new harnesses will let retailers enthusiastically say yes to Tesla owners and give installers the confidence to create new audio experiences in these cars for their customers.”

The SoundUp line features complete integration solutions covering 18 vehicle brands worldwide. For more information visit Mosconi-america.com.

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