Dual is First With New Amplifier Standard

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Jensen JA Amps

Jensen, a Dual Electronics brand, is offering the first car audio amplifiers to be certified under the new CTA 2006-D amplifier standard and to use the accompanying logo.

The amplifiers are currently shipping and will be more widely available in April.

The Jensen website says the new Jensen JA amplifiers are the first amps on the market to have been third-party tested and approval to meet the updated CTA-2006-D specifications. (See more on the new CTA 2006-D standard here).

A Dual spokesperson said, “We fully support the new CTA standards as they work to ensure uniform and proper communication of power output to customers.”

The three  Jensen amplifiers use RGB lighting that can be controlled with a Bluetooth app.

The line starts with a 2-channel amp, billed as a 340 watt model at $109.99.  The Jensen web site says the amp produces 310 Watts of maximum dynamic power x 1 channel @ 4 ohms bridged, 170 watts of maximum dynamic power x 2 channels @ 2 ohms and 140 watts of maximum dynamic power x 2 channels @ 4 ohms.

It also lists continuous and dynamic power as follows:

Continuous Power Output :

  • 95W RMS x 2 Channels at 4 ohm
  • 105W RMS x 2 Channels at 2 ohm
  • 225W RMS x 1 Channel a 4 ohm Bridged (1% THD+N)

Dynamic Power :

  • 100W x 2 Channels at 1kHz at 4 ohm
  • 110W x 2 Channels at 1kHz at 2 ohm
  • 230W x 1 Channel at 1kHz at 4 ohm Bridged (1% THD+N)

The two other JA amplifiers include a 740 watt Class D 4-channel amplifier at $149 and a 690 watt Class D Mono amplifier at $149.  See more specs here.


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