GM Eyes a “Rollable” Infotainment Screen

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General Motors has applied for a patent that will allow a monitor on the dashboard to slide along a track so it can be ideally positioned, depending on its use at the moment.

For example, a monitor sitting on the dashboard could roll from in front of the driver to in front of the passenger.

Sometimes while driving, you may want the help from the passenger in reading out directions.  Or maybe, both the driver and passenger want access to the screen together.  Other times, maybe just the driver wants an ideal view of the screen.

GM’s patent says the “deployable rollable” display could be on a linear or oval or other-shaped track.

GM’s rollable display might have more than one viewable surface, said the patent application, which was originally submitted in July, 2021 and was published February 2, 2023 under patent number, US 20230031862. (The patent has not yet been granted).

“…a display on an infotainment system may, at times, be difficult to perceive by an operator.  Route information, contacts, preferences may therefore be difficult to perceive, select, and/or view easily by the operator and a passenger. Positioning an infotainment screen that is accessible and perceivable by both the operator and a passenger is difficult,” said the application.

“Accordingly, it is desirable to provide a display that is readily adaptable, moveable, and reconfigurable in order to provide desired information to operators and passengers,” it continued.

To view the patent, enter the number 20230031862 after clicking here.

Source: US Patent Office via GM Authority

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