DOW Offers EV Charger for 12V Retailers

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DOW Pulsar Pro

When a retailer is working on an electric vehicle, it is possible for the vehicle to lose its charge, so an EV charger in the shop becomes a necessary tool.

DOW Electronics is offering a Wallbox Level 2 EV charger for 12 volt dealers. It can be used as a public charger in the parking lot where the dealer charges for use or for use in the shop.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger is compact and can fully charge an EV in 6.5 hours.

For dealers who want to attract EV business, they may set up the charger outside and list it in EV apps  that show available charger locations.  The apps let the dealer set a fee, said DOW Senior VP Dave Elkin.

Pulsar Plus works with all EV types, although Tesla models require an optional adapter.   The charger comes in 40 and 48 amp versions.  Both require 220 volts.  Suggested retail prices are $649 and $699.

Photo: DOW Electronics at KnowledgeFest Las Vegas

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