Brandmotion Launches Industry First System

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Brandmotion Transparent Trailer

Brandmotion is replacing its “Invisible Trailer” with a wireless version that cuts installation time down from 8 to 2 hours, said the company. The new system eliminates the need to run wires from the camera to the front of the cab.

Like the original, the new Transparent Trailer places a camera behind the trailer that sends a live video stream to a mirror in front of the driver. The trailer becomes “invisible” because you now see a live camera feed of the road behind it, as if the trailer weren’t there.

The new Wireless Transparent Trailer System also adds a second camera that can be installed on the towing vehicle’s third brake light.   So, when drivers are not towing, they can still get an unobstructed live stream of the road behind the truck to remove blind spots.

The system includes the wireless HD trailer camera, digital rear view replacement mirror and truck- specific third brake light camera.

To replace the mirror, users remove the factory mirror and install the new one on the factory mount.

This is a retail product, however, someone accustomed to working on their vehicle will be able to self-install it.   It is also suited to RVs.

“NHTSA did a study recently that said there’s 50,000 towing accidents a year and the majority are preventable,” Brandmotion President Lucas Frank said.

The system ships in mid-November at a suggested retail price of $879.95.

Two Other Brandmotion Products

Brandmotion FullVUE Mirror package

Brandmotion is also updating its FullVUE replacement streaming mirror with a new always-on digital HD mirror/dual camera DVR and a truck-specific third brake light camera. Drivers can see over a towed boat or ATV trailer in a live stream. Or they get a cargo-cam view. Views can be changed by swiping across the touchscreen mirror.  The DVR records views from all cameras.

The system installs without drilling in about 30 minutes.  It works with leading trucks from Ford, RAM, Chevy and GMC.

The 9.66-inch mirror/camera/DVR/dashcam system is expected to ship in mid November at $549.95.

Lastly, Brandmotion is showing a commercial 360 surround 4-camera/9-inch monitor system called SurroundVUE 360. It provides a birds eye, overhead 3D view as you drive to eliminate blind spots for commercial and large vehicles.

SurroundVUE allows an easy calibration method to stitch together four cameras.  Users place dark squares in four places around the vehicle and then hit a button for auto calibration in seconds.

Many fleet owners purchase vehicles at basic trim levels to save money so the SurroundVUE can be added by upfitters to prevent costly accidents, said Frank. “There’s a huge opportunity for shop owners to go out and make fleet owners aware of the opportunity to reduce costs,” he added.


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