LinksWell Ships T-Style Lite

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LinksWell T Style Lite

LinksWell Automotive announced it has begun shipping the first of its new line of T-Style Lite radios.  They include fewer features at a reduced price, with the same large screen sizes as the original T-Style  radios, many with 12-inch screens.

The “Lite” series is aimed at the driver that uses their phone for various apps and so does not require the same built-in features, said Walt Detlefsen, LinksWell VP.

The first model of the T-Style Lite series is specific to the Toyota Tundra with a 12.1-inch screen.  The processor is less powerful, with less memory than the standard T-Style for the Tundra, (32GB vs 64GB for the latest generation). Also, users will not be able to download apps directly to the radio.

The retail price is $699 compared to the standard version which has a price of $1,395.

The lite version comes with wireless Phone Link for mirroring apps.

Other features include AM/FM radio, WiFi, three camera inputs, 4 volt output, 13-band EQ and Bluetooth 5.0.

Other T-Style Lite radios will be available before the end of the year, specifically for the Toyota Tacoma, the Ford F150 and Ford Ranger.  The radios will carry similar features and roughly similar pricing.



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