New Distributor Announces First Brand

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Audio Wave Distributed by Aegis

A new manufacturing distributor for high end car audio, Aegis Distribution, announced the first brand it will bring to the Americas–British-based Audio Wave.

Audio Wave is a 15-year old brand out of Essex, UK that builds each amplifier by hand. Some of the amps include a proprietary heat sink.

All phases of the Audio Wave manufacturing process are performed in-house, and all the components are fitted by hand.

Audio Wave Flag Amplifier

Entry level Audio Wave amplifiers (Excel series) start at $3,000. The mid-level Aspire series lets you add custom options including internal component upgrades and colors.  You can also order a US or UK flag to be applied to the circuit board (which is visible). The Aspire line up starts at $5,200.

The top of the line Audio Wave amplifiers are designed with a proprietary heat sink.  They “would undoubtedly be the last amplifier that an audiophile would need to purchase,” said Brie Welch, Aegis Marketing Manager.

Audio Wave’s top of the line Copper Rod series ranges in price from $15,000 to $32,000.

Some Audio Wave products are already in stock and more will come in as they are built, said Aegis, which just launched its Vacaville, CA distribution company this month.

President of Aegis, Scott Welch is a sound quality champion with over 30 years’ experience in the car audio industry. He was formerly National Sales Manager for ARPA, which distributed Audio Wave in the past.

The purpose of Aegis is to bring in high end car audio from Europe and Asia that suits the cars and trends in the Americas.

“I first heard an Audio Wave amplifier at a CES demo and I was amazed,” said Scott Welch. “In over 20 years on the competition circuit I had never heard anything like that.”

Audio Wave Engineer, Owner and Designer is Grant Hanan.

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