New High End Car Audio Distributor

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Scott Welch

A new manufacturing distributor for high end car audio has launched, led by Scott Welch, who has managed sales at companies including Hybrid Technologies and ARPA.

Called Aegis Distribution Incorporated, (ADI), the company was founded by a group of manufacturers and investors with the goal of bringing high end car audio products to the Americas.

Aegis Distribution will act as both a distributor and as a product development arm. It will help suppliers fine tune their product mix to suit the markets in the Americas.

Welch will be President of Aegis. He is a sound quality champion with over 30 years’ experience in the car audio industry.

“Aegis Distribution was formed to fill a gap in the American markets,” said Welch, “Sound quality products created in Europe and Asia, often don’t meet the needs of the car audio dealers working with American cars and American consumers.”  Products selected by Aegis will be designed to complement the cars typically sold in the Americas. They will be quality tested and designed with an eye toward product trends in the Americas, said Welch.

The new line up of products will be announced in the coming weeks. For more information on Aegis, based in Vacaville, CA, contact [email protected] 

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