KICKER Attends KnowledgeFest Dallas

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Kicker KnowledgeFest Dallas 2022

Press Release (UNEDITED): STILLWATER, OK– KICKER® returns to MEA KnowledgeFest at the Dallas Convention Center, from August 26-28.  Forty of the world’s largest 12-volt manufacturers will attend the event, with KICKER’s booth located next to the DCC’s main entrance.  It will be KICKER’s fourth and final trek to the MEA event in 2022.

Featured in the Dallas booth will be KICKER’s FIAT® 500 Sport, equipped with the expanded KEY® line of all-in-one amplifier/processors. KEY smart amps automatically apply time alignment, detect speaker sizes, adjust gain, and apply a 40-band EQ and 24dB crossovers in a matter of seconds.  This KEY200.4 smart amp powers a KS-Series Dual-Pod Component System, mounted to the A-pillars on a secure ball-joint system.

The FIAT also contains the KICKER Quad Box, powered by a 2400-watt amplifier. This monstrous 4 x 12-inch enclosure that houses Solo-Baric® L7R™ square subwoofers is made with heavy, birch-veneer plywood with thick internal bracing.

The KICKER Tech Force will host two one-hour trainings during the show. The classes will help installers quickly determine what equipment is needed to integrate aftermarket audio equipment into a factory sound system using KICKER’s FIT™ (Fail-safe Integration Tech) and KEY technologies. To illustrate the importance of playing high-quality audio, Tech Force will also have a live demonstration of musical compression and different file types. The first class is Saturday at 4:15 p.m., and then Sunday at 9:30 a.m., both in Room C140.

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