LinksWell to Offer Marine Super Screen Radios

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LinksWell Expands

LinksWell Automotive, Inc., the five year old company that offers “Tesla Style,” large-screened radios, is launching a sister company called simply, LinksWell, Inc.

The new company will focus on recreational and marine vehicle technology including marine radios. Like other LinksWell products, the marine radios will offer the larger “Tesla-style” 12-inch screens.

They will be Android based with PhoneLink to mirror apps from the phone to the radio.  Initially, they will be universal.

LinksWell is also planning marine amplifiers and speakers. It is also looking into offering solid state generators for RVs and boats.  While typical generators are noisy and rely on a gas-powered connection, solid state generators are quiet and can be connected to other forms of energy including solar.

LinksWell may offer a device that would allow RV users to remote control certain features of the RV from their smartphone.  “It would use an app on the phone to allow the RV slider to move in and out and allow you to see your water levels, sewer levels and that would also be on a screen in your RV,” said VP Walt Detlefsen.

NavToolIt would work with the “Trigger,” an accessory from Advanced Accessory Concepts, to allow remote operation over Bluetooth.  This same technology is used by newer LinksWell car radios to control the car’s lights, windows and other accessories.  So a Jeep owner might remotely roll up his windows.

Regarding the launch of a separate company,  Detlefsen said, “We didn’t want the ‘automotive’ name saying we’re not experts in other areas.”

LinksWell Automotive also announced its five year anniversary on June 1.  The company launched in 2017 with nine products and three employees in a  1,700 square foot headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  It now supplies over 100 different products including 30 T-Style radios from an 11,000 square foot headquarters in Riverside, CA with 16 employees.


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