12V Mirror With CarPlay/Android Auto

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GCH Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Mirror

The first full replacement rear view mirror with wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto is available from GCH Pro.

For cars lacking either CarPlay/Android Auto or wireless versions of the systems, the 12-inch super wide mirror adds these features with touchscreen and swiping capability on the mirror.

The mirror includes a built-in transmitter to send audio through the vehicle’s factory or aftermarket car radio.

The GCH mirror also includes a three-camera digital video recorder (DVR) with 1080p images displayed on the mirror screen.  They may be viewed in a split screen display for two or all three of the cameras or a full screen for a single camera.

Users can swipe up and down on the mirror to adjust the camera angle upward or downward.   “If the camera is pointing at something and you want to see what’s below it, swipe your finger down and the camera pans down to see more,” said GCH CEO Greg Delgado.

The mirror is a full replacement, so it’s not a clip on accessory.  It can also be used in commercial vehicles that tend to come with less features, for those who want to add smartphone connectivity. “This piece was designed to give you, the installer, the ability to put CarPlay and Android Auto into literally anything,” Delgado said.

A video demo of the mirror can be seen here.

Suggested retail price is $599.







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