Will Aftermarket Benefit From New CarPlay?

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Apple’s announcement it will display and control gauge information from the car’s dashboard within CarPlay left us wondering what that means for aftermarket CarPlay radios.  Will they be able to control heating and cooling within CarPlay too?

A quick answer is, it’s too soon to tell what Apple will permit and not permit for the aftermarket. Meanwhile, many industry members are even skeptical that the car companies will quickly embrace the new CarPlay features.

Strategy Analytics’ Greg Basich said, “It remains to be seen what aspects of CarPlay OEMs will decide to use and what they will ignore, and the level of customizability and flexibility this next-gen version of CarPlay will provide. Apple hasn’t provided much information about how this integration will actually work just yet.”

No OEM announcements are expected until the end of 2023, according to Apple. And some 12 volt industry members (with ties to OEMs) are skeptical there will be many at that time.

Apple CarPlay OEM list

Apple showed a list of automakers (above) that might be interested in the next generation CarPlay.  But Automotive News reported Wednesday that spokesmen from some of those brands said their company has not yet committed to the new CarPlay. The exception was Porsche, which said it is working with Apple on this “development project,” reported Automotive News.

One aftermarket company called Apple’s announcement “smoke and mirrors” as car makers are not likely to turn over their dash to a total “Apple experience.”

CarPlay dashboard
Apple: Next Gen CarPlay dashboard

The new CarPlay will not only let you control, adjust, reconfigure and see the dash gauges while in CarPlay, it also lets some CarPlay data show up in the gauges on the dash.  You might see navigation information in your gauge cluster as shown above

One major aftermarket supplier said it had no warning from Apple on the announcement of new CarPlay capability. And it did not yet know if its radios will take advantage of the feature in the future.

Aftermarket integration companies, however, are already planning to work with the new CarPlay.  We will bring you their reaction to the Apple announcement in another article to come.





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