Mobile Electronics Exec Joins Wheel Protection Company

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John Haynes Joins Wheel Protection Company

Press Release: AlloyGator USA, the original wheel protection company, is pleased to announce that John Haynes has joined the AlloyGator team base.

John is a long-time industry veteran and spent most of his career guiding Al & Ed’s Autosound and also represented Clifford Electronics in Southern California He will now be in charge of driving sales for AlloyGator USA AlloyGators protect wheels from curb and pothole damage and can effectively cover up
most existing curb rash.

“We’re actively looking for mobile electronics dealers who have crossed over and expanded their business model into wheels and tires,” says John. “The great thing about AlloyGators is that they don’t compete with any other product space, so you’re adding dollars, not just trading dollars. The end result is increased sales and profits on top of the business your shop would have done anyway. It’s the perfect add actively selling and installing wheels.”

AlloyGator is MIRA Certified and TÜV approved.

AlloyGator rim protectors fit between the wheel and tire and are held in place with diamond gripping technology. The AlloyGators use specially designed locking teeth, diamond grips and robust stainless
vehicle. AlloyGators have a rounded edge and matte finish with 14 colors to complement the appearance of your customer’s vehicle.

For more information contact John Haynes 661.600.3617, [email protected]

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