GM Files Patent for Transparent A-Pillar

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Transparent A-Pillar Patent Application

A transparent A-Pillar may be a feature on future General Motors vehicles, based on a patent application by the auto maker.

The patent application describes an A-Pillar with an oval shaped hollow in the middle so passengers can see through the notorious blind spot culprit, as reported by GM Authority.

GM received patent application number US 11,267,514 B2 for the design with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The patent application calls for an oblong opening about 1.5 to 3 inches wide and 8 to 16 inches high in the pillar as shown below.  The opening might be filled with a transparent material with electric wires either embedded in it or surrounding it for heating it and keeping it clear.

GM Transparent A-Pillar

As the A-Pillar is the key to car roof support, it would be “fiber” reinforced with glass fibers, carbon fibers, Kevlar or a combination thereof, said the patent application.

GM Authority said the design might be applied to other car pillars.

Source: GM Authority, USPTO

Photo:  2022 Silverado

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