MasterTech EXPO Plans For 2023

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MasterTech EXPO 2023

Press Release: MasterTech EXPO, which held its first combination trade show and technical training event this month in Mesa, Az, announced plans for next year’s show to be held in the same location, the Mesa Convention Center, for four days starting March 5, 2023.

The 2023 MasterTech EXPO event will add more diverse exhibitors and hands-on activities for education workshop attendees. Since the workshop format is based on what one would find at a university, the 2023 curriculum will continue that direction by adding electives, so an attendee can choose an additional class outside of his or her selected core workshops. In addition, attendees will have more opportunity to use tools and emulate the steps and techniques taught by expert instructors.

In conjunction with the annual show, MasterTech-branded events will continue to educate professional technicians and fabricators. The monthly School of Fab series on YouTube, featuring Bryan Schmitt and Mark from the popular Car Audio Fabrication series, will continue on first Thursday of each month. Schmitt will also announce 2022 dates for the return of specialty training classes at the Mobile Solutions facility in Tempe, Ariz., under the MasterTech brand. Each in-house MasterTech session at Mobile Solutions will comprise more intimate, project-focused versions of the School of Fab and Master Design courses taught at MasterTech EXPO.

“For 2023 and beyond, we are committed to providing our attendees a broader range of technical expertise and exhibitors,” said Bryan Schmitt, event founder and producer. “What we offer as an experience has to reflect the changes in the automotive aftermarket. Shops are diversifying to provide a single source of expanded services to their clientele. We want to continue to fuel that change with access to top-notch companies and focused education.”

“Our first EXPO exceeded our expectations in every facet,” added Schmitt. “We surpassed our audience and exhibitor targets while maintaining the unique learning and networking environment we wanted for everyone. We’re especially grateful to the staff at the Mesa Convention Center and the Delta Hotel for accommodating our needs due to expanded participation from the automotive aftermarket industry. Most importantly, we’ve built a new blueprint for process-driven, large-scale technical training unlike anything the industry has experienced.”

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