Oddball Install: JL and LEGO?

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Oddball Install Gti LEGO

By Mr Retail

Here’s an Oddball Install from across the pond. Celsius UK is a European distributor of some popular brands, including JL Audio. Rob Murphy is the sales and customer support manager and is a HUGE LEGO fan. So, he wanted to mix two of his favorite things; car audio and LEGOs. I will admit, when I first heard about this one, I was skeptical. But, after looking over the pictures and seeing what he did, I was impressed.

Picture this GTi at a local car show. How many kids are going to drag their parents over to see it? Then mom or dad sits in it and hears the beautiful music and wants it. I can sincerely envision the excitement in people’s eyes and the buzz it creates wherever it goes. So maybe this will give all of you some ideas for a theme that can generate some excitement amongst your clients.

Oddball Install GTi LEGO

The car is an Mk4 GTi, which already has a cult following. A Pioneer touchscreen radio was installed in the dash and Dynamat and Dynaliner were installed throughout the vehicle. It got a pair of JL Audio C3-650 front separates for the front stage and a set of C2-650 separates for the rear fill. Where the fun lies is in the hatch.

Rob actually created two different “themes” for the trunk and you can see it as you look through the images. One theme uses a pair of JX mono amps to power a pair of 12W0 subwoofers and a JX four channel to power the full range drivers. The second theme adds a third 12W0 and a third JX mono amplifier. That theme has the road above the subwoofers and the amps in the floor.

I gotta tell you, this is cool!  And to make things even cooler, they built a second LEGO vehicle and we will be featuring it in the future for your viewing pleasure.

Maybe this article has stirred you to send over a unique or oddball installation you have done. Just send it to [email protected]. We look forward to seeing it.



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