New CarPlay/Android Wireless Adapter

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GCH Interface for CarPlay and Android Auto

A new interface that converts any wired CarPlay/Android Auto radio to wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto is available from GCH Automotive’s new GCH Pro line.

The USB interface claims to be more reliable than many of those on the market.

“Everyone’s been waiting for reliable solutions. There’s plenty of pieces that work only fairly well and have stability issues.  Our WLCPA-1 connects and stays connected.  We’ve been so successful with our CarPlay interface that we decided to solve the stability issue with Android Auto,” said Greg Delgado, CEO of GCH.

The interface works with just about any factory or aftermarket radio with wired CarPlay/Android Auto so that users no longer need tether their phone to the radio.

It connects to the radio’s USB port with a single cable and can be user installed. It has a pass-through USB for charging.  The pass-through USB can also be used for a tethered connection if user wishes. In that case, the wireless function goes into sleep mode.

The interface, WLCPA-1 is currently shipping at a suggested retail price of $249.










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