LinksWell Offers Truck-Ready Amplifiers

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Linkswell amplifiers

LinksWell, noted for its large screen Tesla-type (T-Style) radios, is entering the car audio amplifier market with three models that can work with optional truck-specific harnesses.

The harnesses will be available for vehicles from Toyota, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, General Motors and others.

Shipping around June, the three amplifiers are joined by a line driver. The amplifiers include built-in digital signal processors (DSPs) that can be controlled by an app. They also include TOSLINK inputs and may be used with an optional Bluetooth adapter for streaming music from a phone (without the need for a head unit).

Individual channel routing is available on the 10 channel top end model, LWA-1000.10. This model also has 9-band EQ for all inputs.

The LWA-1000.10 delivers 100 watts x 10 at 4 ohms among other configurations.  The LWZ-400.4  delivers 50 watts by 4 at 4 ohms and the LSQ.500.5 offers 54 watts by 4.

Other features for the line include 31-band EQ per channel, independent high and low pass crossovers, individual channel gain controls, and time alignment. Pricing will be announced.

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